Mod 2 Ground Rack 24*24*1000 Ground Rack DIN6h 25 Straight

斜齿研磨S45C SHGH.jpg


·Zero backlash / high precision.
·Unique and innovative effective meshing, always ensuring that more than two gear teeth are in contact with each other, ensuring zero backlash on both sides of the gear teeth, and ensuring positioning accuracy of ± 20 microns, the position of each gear tooth profile relative to the first gear tooth All have been accurately measured to ensure extremely high positioning accuracy and eliminate accumulated tooth pitch errors.
·High-speed operation capability,
·The roller rack drive system can achieve high-speed transmission with a speed of up to 11 meters per second. It can achieve high positioning accuracy that can only be provided by linear motors. In addition, under high-speed motion, the ultra-low friction design does not generate heat or wear parts.
·Unlimited stroke length.

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